According to NASA scientists, we have only a handful of days left on Earth. Because with the earth

When any kind of problem comes up on human culture, everyone is working together to find a way to end that problem. Then sometimes it takes a little longer to finish but people don't leave a single solution to avoid that trouble. You already know how many people around the world are infected with the corona virus right now. But there is one thing that is even more frightening than the corona virus, which could bring an end to the entire human culture. So let’s talk more about that  Let's say.

A great tragedy happened thousands of years ago. When an asteroid that destroyed the Earth wandered along the Earth. The end of the dinosaur era was followed by asteroids roaming the Earth. The same kind of fear, and the same kind of problem is likely to come to earth again in 2020.

Great scientists are currently doing a lot of research on it. The United States, the world's superpower, is also worried about this because NASA scientists have confirmed that such a giant asteroid is about to pass close to Earth once again. The asteroid could pass through the Earth's side on April 29. According to NASA, there is nothing to worry about right now. But many scientists are still worried that if the astronaut's passage time were to change by even a few seconds, it could lead to the end of the entire human culture, like the dinosaurs.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે ક્લિક કરો
First of all let me tell you the name of this asteroid is 52768 (1998 IR2). Its speed is 19 thousand miles / hour. According to scientists, this asteroid could be as big as Mount Everest. And so if it falls to the ground, there can be a lot of destruction. At a speed of 40,000 miles when the astronomical orbiting dinosaur roamed the earth 66 million years ago.

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