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Du Library

COVID-19 outbreak in the country has led to the closure of many universities. Our own University of Delhi (DU) is one of them, it has taken several measures to reduce the impact of this bandh on students.

As almost all Delhi University universities have taken online classes, the university has decided to give students access to their library resources from home.

Students can use a virtual private network (VPN) connection to access the data.

This step was taken after the coronavirus epidemic spread throughout our nation. Currently, the number of coronavirus cases has crossed 600.

People around the world have been asked to stay indoors and practice self-isolation to prevent the spread of this virus.

To establish a VPN connection, students must know their DU Wi-Fi password and DU Wi-Fi username.

However, non-members of the DU library will not be able to use the installation. In case of any service related problems, students can write an email to vpn@ducc.du.ac.in

The university had earlier suspended classes till 31 March due to the national bandh announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday and will now be closed till 14 April.

Several colleges have started using online teaching apps like Moodle, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. to meet up the syllabus goals.