A 22-year-old student was attacked with a stone in Maurice Nagar, north of Delhi. Police suspect the victim's friend.

On 22 February 2020, Delhi Police received a call at 11:30 am about a woman lying unconscious near Bonta Park. According to a senior police officer, the woman suffered serious head injuries and was rushed to Bara Hindu Rao Hospital, where she was unconscious, but doctors were hoping to escape her.

The officer said, "His cellphone was also found on the spot. In this case the angle of theft or sexual assault was excluded. A case has been registered under Section 307 (attempt to murder) of the Indian Penal Code and an investigation has been opened. The 22-year-old student has graduated from Delhi University (DU) and is currently studying at an institute in Ghaziabad. She lived in Kabir Nagar in the east of Delhi.

After analyzing her call logs to the police, a male friend of the victim was suspected, with whom she debated. The officer allegedly said, "The victim's tape has been analyzed and it is suspected that she fell in with a man who assaulted her. We await her announcement for a new investigation".

The victim's family was informed after the incident, after which they rushed to the hospital.

With an excerpt from The Hindu

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