Why They Target The Educated First?

As another year passes, "the one who should not be named" returns to power and, once again, the country bursts into mass discontent in one of the ways promoted by liberal protests. While followers of "party should not be named" are "labeled as more seditious", I remember Satyajit Ray's Hirak Rajar Desh (1980); As the protagonist says: "It was Joto buli paro, Toto beshi jaan, Toto kom mane". (The more they learn, the more they know, the less they believe).
Nandini Sukhija, a student at the University of Mumbai, said: “Our political leaders gain power by mobilizing groups, which are usually made up of brainwashing supporters. Intellectuals are better known than anyone for their cheap and divisive tactics, for which they threaten the power of government. It is not difficult to connect the dots and realize why fascist governments will always suppress educated and closed channels of information. "
Well-read rationalists are critics, while ideologies are irrational. Addressing universities, the educated, academics and writers is an ancient game to curb anti-systemic voices, to stop anything other than dissent and voice.

There is a lot of objection to those forcing them to forcibly take retroactive actions in the weaker areas of society. The reason for silencing their voices is that while the establishment is aware that they are wrong, they know that if proven true, they will fail, if the voices of educated people resonate.

Youth is the "future" of India, as long as the remains of politicians disappear in the air, their remains are left as a byproduct of hate, fear and fascism, youth will continue to exist.

The story is a testimony to the exemplary contributions and corrupt silences that fascist governments grant to students. When those who protest, those who criticize the existence, their propaganda, their ideology, thrives in their reign. Democracy without opposition is not democracy at all. The arrest of educated people and calling them urban naxalites is a reminder of the failure of democracy.
Central universities order students not to protest, accusing the government of disciplinary measures to avoid dissent or questioning. Are all the companions here?

“Educational institutions are important points of consciousness. Cultivating educational institutions to achieve peace is like burning the Amazon and then expecting the Earth to be ecologically sound. The results will only be acute. "The finger on your lips is not attractive to the youth,"
That won't last long either, "Lady Sri Ram College student Priyanshi Banerjee rightly points out.
If we turn the pages of history, Nazi Germany reminds us mysteriously of similar situations just before the Second World War. The German terrorist Operation Sonderkrecht Kraku carried out against academics at Jagirallonian University to eradicate Polish intellectual whites.

Simultaneously, Frankfurt University was the first university chosen by the Nazis for its liberal academic history, prolific scholarship, international faculty and defending democratic values ​​and ideals.
The times we live in fear, they attack unarmed students, insult academics, they kill journalists, they silence the voice, they stop the protest. Where is the discontent? Where did the democracy safety valve go?
All revolutions, all revolts, nationalist movements, rights demands, protests, agitations, everything starts with students; The very basis of a stable country. The recent attacks against students at various universities are nothing more than an act of cowardice in the world's largest democracy; The same country that once defended the ideals of secularism, democracy, justice, freedom and equality.

Credits: Dubeat

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