How much did you look at? Tableaux have always been the focus of attention during the parade, but what lies behind two minutes of beauty? What does it take to give life to it, portraying a heritage that has been going on for centuries?

At that time, I remember singing a Tagore like a tableau or a painting of West Bengal ornamented the Rajpath! However, the joys of the past have become questions of the present; The tableau not only has a multitude of colors, culture and entertainment, they haunt them within months of hard work, dedication and skill.

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) ignores the smallest detail of the tables, since the publication of certain guidelines until the parade runs smoothly, it takes more than six months to provide MoD with two minutes of enjoyment. Government programs are offered to the states, union territories (union territories) and central departments on six different subjects ranging from history, cultural integrity, environment. The Selection Committee convenes eminent persons in the fields of art, culture, architecture, sculpture, choreography, etc. And regional language.

It follows two cycles of rigorous examination by the committee: one, suggestions and revisions after the initial evaluation, and second, an evaluation of the three-dimensional model and video of the cultural presentation, after which the final decision is made. For the Defeil de la Republique 2020, out of 56 tables, only 22 were selected. Kerala, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Bihar, all these governments which were not headed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), were rejected, causing much unrest. The Shiv Sena and the Nationalist Congress Party accused the BJP of retaliating for political gains. Regarding the boycott of Kerala, Jai Prabha Menon, a member of the jury, said, "There was no policy in a committee of artists to decide the theme of the parade." Bihar law student Abhishek Anand said: "I personally believe that the BJP targets key non-BJP states."

It is rather interesting that in the last 27 years, Delhi has presented its paintings only 11 times. Protests led by former Chief Minister (CM) Madan Lal Khurana, along with East Delhi Member of Parliament also expressed their dissatisfaction over the rejection of the Ministry of Defense. In 2019, a former senior government official told Hindustan Times (HT) how, on some occasions, the Center did not want states to promote their model of governance.

Sameer, an Assam craftsman, showed exemplary work of the Aam Aadmi Party government in the education sector, influencing Delhi painting in 2017, telling HT, “It takes time to do these works. The money we get is decent. This is around Rs 8,000, with some people earning Rs 16,000 per float. It takes about five months to bring a painting with more than 30 to 40 hands on deck, however, the plight of these paintings is unfortunate. After being torn, they are sold as pieces. Vibhuti Adhikari, the designer of Delhi's painting for the past few years, said: "So many people give their heart and soul to make paintings. But no way to keep them has been done, or at least at best, intact. The houses of the concerned state keep them for a few days or months and then send them to someone who wants to take them. Rather sadly, it is the sad state of the artisans who have lost their art, without forgetting the poor. While this is interesting, it is a question of what can be done to improve the dark state of dissolved art in the form of relics. There are many relevant questions that remain unanswered; There are countless opportunities to get creative with post-festival paintings, and the lack of recognition for arts and craftspeople speaks volumes. Until then, keep the results in mind as you come close to another R-Day, as you appreciate the dynamic performance of the culture.

Image Credits: Press Information Bureau, Ministry Of Defence.

News Credit: Dubeat


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