As the new semester takes off from Yesterday, January 1, the halls of the University of Delhi (DU) still witness the indefinite strike of the Association of Teachers of the University of Delhi (DUTA) that began on December 4 , demanding the permanent absorption of ad-hoc teachers.

The Association of Teachers of the University of Delhi (DUTA) is a one-month strike that began on December 4, 2019, to demand the permanent absorption of more than 4500 ad-hoc teachers that has continued even until the new semester. The protest led to an amendment of the Circular of August 28 along with the relief given to ad-hoc teachers to present themselves for interviews for permanent posts of the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD). The MHRD also guaranteed that no ad-hoc teachers would be removed until permanent positions were filled. However, the demand for permanent absorption of 4500 ad-hoc teachers was not fulfilled, which has fueled this continued agitation.

The teachers had already boycotted the evaluation and inspection duties for the end of semester exams. The DUTA has still decided to continue its strike, which suspends the fate of the students in this semester, which can be attributed to the lack of action of the DU administration.

Teachers' demands also consisted of considering ad-hoc time for time-based evaluation. There are still more than 2,700 positions in various departments that have increased due to retirement or resignation this semester.

Rajib Ray, president of DUTA, told Indian Express that “the call to strike still stands, but teachers will collect programs from their universities so as not to hamper student studies. We will conduct a review on January 7 to decide the course of future action. "

However, the administration has provided a contrasting view that indicates that the evaluation is "ongoing" and that there have been no obstacles. Vinay Gupta, Dean (Exams) said according to Indian Express that "there have been no problems and the result is likely to be declared at the end of January."

In the midst of the many conflicting perspectives, official notification by DUTA and the DU administration is required to resolve the chaos to ensure adequate systematic teaching of students.

This problem will probably remain unsolved until thr demands of Teachers are not fullfilled.

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