Following protests on the campus of Gargi College against JNU and government violence, the Gargi administration banned protests on campus.

On 6 January 2020, Gargi College students staged peaceful protests against the police brutality on the campuses of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) and Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and against CAA-NRC. The gathering was supported by the student union and was attended by students with posters and banners.

However, on behalf of the director, the union councilor called for an end to the protest, as it appeared that the posters were inappropriate. At the same time, the counselor asked the students to discuss inside and raise prohibited slogans.

As a result, Gargi College students continued to raise slogans outside their campus.

On 7 January, the director, again in a discussion with the protesters, said that no meeting would be allowed without the written permission of the director.

The Gargi administration has issued an opinion prohibiting students from participating in any protests approved by the director, stating that all students will be punished in this regard. In addition, the college now requires prior permission of the police for any meeting outside the college.

                             Official notification of administration

The notice read: "It is to inform all the students that no meeting or protest of any kind is allowed in the college space without prior permission from the Director. Also, for any protest / gathering outside the college Prior permission from the police is required. If a student will be found protesting in the college space, disciplinary action will be taken against such student. Also, if any Opposes outside Atr college, these students will be fully responsible for his actions. "

Ashwini, a student of applied psychology at the college, says: “The gathering was actually something that was approved and proposed by the Students’ Union for which permission was granted. However, seeing this bipolar behavior upset my very core. My college has always been a safe place for something like this, so this was not really what I expected. "

One student, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “On the one hand, giving it a form of protection, the administration and college directors wanted the college to stay away from tangible issues as they feared misrepresentation. At the same time, the students wanted to stand together and talk. It became a struggle within the college itself, in which the positivity of solidarity turned into negativity and resentment among students, student unions and officials. "

The students' union from Gargi College held another meeting on January 10 with the presidents of the college department in support of the students and against acts of cruelty, which continued peacefully.

Students and teachers watched Hum Dehenge, Hum Hong Qayam and other songs in solidarity. Members of Upstage, the theater company of Gargi College, also gave a short performance on continued tension in the nation. The assembly ended with a re-enactment of the Preamble to the Constitution.


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