Delhi University Plans To Launch Alumni Endowment Fund Soon

Delhi University Plans To Launch Alumni Endowment Fund

The University of Delhi has started a fund for alumni endowment, through which the government is raising funds to match the grant of Rs. 1 billion from the government over the next 5 years.

The Endowment Fund of the University of Delhi will help the university to undertake new educational initiatives in the creation of new institutions in areas where there is a gap in the university.

The Government of India gave the University of Delhi the status of Eminence Institution (IoE). Rupee. Provides IDT status to the university for obtaining additional grant of Rs. 1000 crores from the government. It is this grant that the university intends to match through the support of its students.

The Endowment Fund will have some special features as follows:

1. 100% tax rebate
2. There is no restriction on the amount of contribution
3. Students, their family, friends and family can contribute
4. Donors' choice to select the area in which their contribution should be used
5. 50% of the money allocated to the students
6. View of information related to the use of funds on the University website.
7. Compulsory audit of the endowments made by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

The university has also invited suggestions to improve the initiative. Interested persons can send their suggestions by email to ''.

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