Delhi University's Notice Regarding Protests & Student's Reaction

Delhi University's Notice Regarding Protests & Student's Reaction

Recently, The University of Delhi has issued a notice and made it compulsory for students to intimidate before organizing any protest. This notice has received criticism from various student groups and organizations.

Through the notification, the University supervisor obliged to provide prior information on any / all meetings, protests and demonstrations outside the Faculty of Arts. The organizers must provide all the necessary information at least 24 hours before the protest. The information should include the name of the organizers, their institution, the contact information, the nature of the meeting, the duration of the meeting, the logistics to be used, the expected speakers and the approximate number of expected participants. However, if the procedures are not followed, there has been no penalty.

Student's Reaction to this Notice

The notice has received extensive criticism from various student bodies. The AISA group said that resistance is their right and that they would not seek any permission to resist. The notice has also been reprimanded taking into account the Delhi police movement to use facial recognition software, and is taken as a sign that our country is becoming a state of vigilance. Protests are a right offered by the Constitution to all citizens, including students, and no one is supposed to do any paperwork before a protest.

The KYS student group also opposed the warning and called it a measure to suppress the voice of students who are against the principles of Democracy. They claimed that the notice is like a reminder of the restrictions imposed on the voice of Indian citizens across the country.

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