Why are JNU Students Protesting? Here are the main Reasons

Why are JNU Students Protesting

First, it makes clear that not all students participated in slogans called anti-national and similar activities.

The protests of the Student Union of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNUSU) were largely due to change in the provisions of the Draft Hostel Manual and Fee hike.

After Consideration, the JNU administration decided to partially withdraw the hostel fee increase "only for students below the poverty line" and eliminate the curfew schedule and the dress code provisions of the draft. The decisions, including a partial reversal of the rate increase, were taken at the meeting of the university's executive council (EC).

In addition to the increase in the hostel fee, the deadline and dress code for students to return to the shelters were the main conflict points against which university students protested.

However, no changes were made to the hostel's fee structure for BPL students who use scholarships and for non-BPL students.

Problem-related to hostel hours

The draft shelter manual, which was approved by the Inter-Hall Administration Committee on October 28, had a clause that said: "Residents must return to their respective shelters no later than 11.00 p.m. or a half-hour after library close, whichever is later

"Students who are outside their respective shelter facilities after the stipulated time and who participate in any type of violence or disturb the peace on campus and the privacy of the JNU community will be evicted from the shelter immediately, apart from any other action University Disciplinary. "

Problem with the dress code

Why are JNU Students Protesting

"All residents and guests must come to the dining room properly dressed," said the new manual. This was also removed.

Increase in service charges

Service charges of Rs 1,700 have been introduced and the single security rate, which is refundable, has been increased from Rs 5,500 to Rs 12,000.

However, the changes were made as follows

After careful consideration, the EC had decided to eliminate some clauses of the Draft Shelter Manual that had aroused the anger of the students.

The single security deposit (refundable) for all categories of students was withdrawn and the fee would now be Rs 5,500, instead of the proposed Rs 12,000.

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