DUTA Scheduled An Evaluation Boycott Strike From January 2020

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Delhi University Teacher's Association(DUTA) has scheduled an evaluation boycott strike from January 2020. The decision has been taken after a meeting convened on 25th November where the demands of Teachers were discussed but not fulfilled. After a long meeting, DUTA came to conclude a call to not take up evaluation of semester examinations and go for a strike from January 2020. DUTA claimed that the decision has been taken after a long delay in the fulfillment of their demands.

The main demands of DUTA are Parity for Librarians, delays in processing promotions, opposing the New Education Policy(NEP) and many others. Several demands were discussed in the meeting, which has not been met and all the previous circulars and new schemes have been introduced. A circular came out in August this year regarding the appointment of guest teachers for full-time positions in various colleges and departments. This affects not only the environment for teachers but also the teaching or learning process for the college or department.

DUTA President, Rajib Ray and Secretary, Rajinder Ray have also demanded immediate action on the "Acts of Wrong Administration by the Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University" on the DUTA white paper.

To press for the above demands, DUTA GBM has decided to call for an indefinite strike beginning the second week of January in the event of a complete evaluation boycott of semester-end examinations and the MHRD and DU administration not responding. GBM also demanded that all ad-hoc teachers be allowed to rejoin on 1 January, which the strike may have advanced. GBM resolved to conduct outreach programs, public relations programs, press conferences and meetings with leaders of political parties and Members of Parliament (MPs) and other participatory action programs and to spread awareness about the issues. GBM also decided to join the All India Trade Union strike for 8 January 2020.

Moreover, The DUPA, in its meeting held on November 29, 2019, has decided to join the Principal Organization of Delhi University (DUPA) for allegedly joining ad hoc teachers and disdain of their salaries. This decision is in accordance with the DU circular dated August 28, which states that only guest teachers can be appointed against vacancies for the first time in the current academic session.

The DUPA decision will affect more than 4500 teachers, who have been working on an ad-hoc basis at Delhi University for the past several years. In a statement issued here, the teachers union said that it is completely unacceptable that the vice-chancellor, through an August 28 letter, denies the appointment of full-time teachers on ad hoc vacancies to be filled on a permanent basis.

"DUTA considers it extremely unfortunate and is distraught to see that the letter of 28 August is now being interpreted by the DUPA to deny the livelihood of 4500 ad hoc teachers who are already in service and continuously for the last several years Are working on the posts, "the statement added.

Reacting to the new situation, in which 4,500 teachers are shown the door, the DUTA has decided to intensify the stir by giving the chancellor three working days to agree to a set of demands. These are withdrawing the 28 August letter and counting the previous services for promotion as given by DU ordinances.

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