DUTA's Demand Result, Here's What You All Need To Know About

DUTA's Demand Result
DUTA Protest

As you all know that the Protestants of DUTA Association have been increasing for the last few days. Keeping this in view, Delhi University has a meeting with the members of the Association and requested them to withdraw from these protests.

The University of Delhi accepted that it would resolve all the demands of Duta in a peaceful manner and requested that it should not protest in this way as doing so is hindering the students' study.

The members of DUTA said that their demands had not been fulfilled for a long time, so they decided that they would protest and sit in front of the Chancellor's office for agitation. 

The biggest motive for DUTA members to strike was that non-permanent teachers were not being promoted for a long time and they were not being promoted, due to which the number of non-permanent teachers has exceeded that of permanent teachers.

The agitation was decided after Delhi University released a circular to fill the teacher's vacancy by guest teachers.

Opposing this Circular, Duta did revolt against the circular and appoint teachers in keeping with rules and regulations. 

Considering Rules, there is a meeting with the teacher after every 4 months in which ad-hoc people are contracted with the teachers, which has not happened since August 28, due to which about 4500 jobs are held.

To what extent has demand been resolved?

After a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor at Delhi University, it was decided that the circular will be amended before the next academic session and will be issued keeping in mind the demand of DUTA.

At the meeting, it was also decided to adjust the criteria to shortlist candidates for interviewing assistant professor appointments, so that ad hoc professors may be given more weight of their work experience.

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