Convert CGPA Into Percentage: Simplest Procedure

Convert CGPA Into Percentage

There are many Educational Boards now including the University Of Delhi that provide Students results in CGPA rather than a percentage. But sometimes it becomes difficult for students to convert the percent into CGPA or CGPA into percent. Here we will show you different methods to calculate CGPA.

Methods To Calculate CGPA

The most common and reliable manual methods are:

1. For Average CGPA:

The sum of all grade marks (GP) of each subject should be divided by 5.

For example, if a candidate scores a GP Of- subject 1 as 8, the subject 2nd as 9, the subject 3rd as 9, the subject 4th as 9.5, and the subject 5th as 7.

Then the sum of GP will be: 8 + 9 + 9 + 9.5 + 7 = 42.5

Dividing 42.5 by 5, we get 8.5 which is the gross CGPA.

2. For the overall indicative percentage of marks:

We have to multiply the CGPA by 9.5. (9.5 * CGPA) to convert into the percentage.

3. To calculate the subject-wise nominal percentage of marks:

We have to multiply 9.5 with the subject's GP. (9.5x GP of the subject)

These three are the simplest methods to calculate CGPA. However, if you want to find out your CGPA without doing manual calculation then You can also use online tools that can automatically calculate CGPA for the numbers that you will enter.

Click here to access the online tool for converting CGPA into the percentage.

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